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I am an intuitive artist focusing on creating beauty in the world and inspiring creativity in others.

I am mostly self-taught. Though I don’t have a formal art degree, I have always been interested in making art.

  • I took art in high school for a while. We studied from the book “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.”

  • In my twenties, I took some classes from a teacher in South Africa (where I grew up).

  • In my thirties -  by then I was living in California - I did some of the exercises in the book “Experiential Drawing.”

  • I completed “The Artist’s Way” process.

But… In all those years, I never, ever called myself - nor considered myself - an artist. My art consisted mostly of unfinished pieces, abandoned midway.

becoming an artist

So, what changed? After a miracle moment, something shifted. Perhaps it was trusting my art more? I started making art more regularly, and that is when I really started to become…an artist.

I started to engage with the art itself as the teacher.

I learned that practicing art-making is what teaches you how to make art.

Another breakthrough was realizing that I didn’t need to know what I wanted to draw before I started drawing. This is when I opened up to a more intuitive art-making process: just beginning to write or draw lines on a page without knowing the outcome, but knowing that something was there, eager to be discovered. The invariable delight of this discovery is exhilarating!

Being self-taught as an artist means surrendering to the magic of creating art.

By the way, that magic also includes connecting with other artists and generous hearts as mentors and fellow-journeyers. I am so grateful for my fellow-journeyers from whom I have learned so much!

I believe that we are all artists who have this magic in us. If there is any tiny part of you that feels the urge to make art, I encourage you to listen to that part. And to start.


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The Story of Ginny

For most of my life, my relationship with my creativity was tentative, at best. I created perhaps two or three images in a year, drawing laboriously with pencil, then in pen, and finally – my joy! – adding color. With very little formal art training, the first stage was always the most challenging part of the process for me– lots of erasing and fixing before the drawing found its form.

Then, a few years ago, as I was casting about for a subject for one of those occasional pieces, my friend Corinna’s sweet dog Ginny popped into my mind. Sadly, Ginny had died unexpectedly earlier that week, in Corinna’s arms. I found a picture of Ginny on Facebook and started to draw. The drawing flowed unfalteringly, and I suddenly had an overwhelmingly clear sense of Ginny’s presence and her desire to “come through.” This was new for me. I completed the entire piece in just three hours – also unprecedented – and sent it to Corinna via text.

One minute later, my phone rang, and a tearful Corinna shared that my image of the smiling Ginny had arrived on her phone minutes after she had asked Ginny to send her a signal that she was OK and happy.

That moment felt sacred and magical. I believe that as I gave Ginny the channel to connect with Corinna, Ginny that day gave me the gift of creative trust and flow. My practice is to keep this channel open. And trust the magic.


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